March 3

Tech Talk

ZAPPAR AR (Augmented Reality)

My new novel explores technology 25 years in the future. The book, itself, incorporates augmented reality on its cover and on the pages inside. I discovered Zappar and its AR technology while writing it last summer and the use of AR and its possibilities is amazing. I was creating my own AR within a single day and it can be seen by pointing any mobile device at the book. The book trailer, posted in my feed below, pops off the cover and hovers. But this is only a small fraction of the capabilities of their tech. I am now exploring 3D 360 possibilities for a…..sequel.



VR for the Future at CES ’17

One of my bucket list items that remains unchecked is to attend the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. For me, that would equal nirvana, particularly this year since two of my favorite future tech developments are showcasing the events: virtual reality and self-driving cars.

Curiously, I ran across this interview with Oculus VR co-founder Jack McCauley at CES 2017 and it sent a couple of happy chills up the spine. The future of VR, according to McCauley, just might look similar to the future depicted in Dr. One: lightweight, mobile, with networked software intelligent enough to handle the mobile integration of VR at a reasonable cost. (Reasonable meaning those that can afford it vs those who never will nor ever want to).

One thing is for sure: with sales numbers reaching 5 Million Gear VR units so far (and that’s just from Oculus), virtual reality looks to be on solid ground for a future that is sure to give all of us something to think about. It certainly gave me a lot to think about…and write about.

What once seemed improbable now sits ready for launch and the applications that VR will consume will challenge us in ways that, today, are ripe in the minds of science fiction writers.